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now accepting new clients.  now accepting new clients.  now accepting new clients.  now accepting new clients.  now accepting new clients.  

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  • Social Media Management
    - Content Creation - Analytics Reporting - Content Scheduling - Graphic Design - Campaign Promotion
  • Brand Consulting
    - Logo Design - Colour Palette - Typography - Digital Presence
  • Website & Logo Design
    Logo - Reflects brand identity, values, and personality - Immediate identifier of your brand Website - Create a visually appealing and user-friendly online platform - Reflect brand aesthetics and values - Provide a seamless and engaging user experience
  • Travel Content Creation
    - Property Photos - Property Videos - Lifestyle Photos - Lifestyle Videos - Walkthrough Videos - Social Media Posting


We aim to create, promote and build a sustainable, yet trendy online presence.

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our happy clients

elevate your online presence with rise virtually  .  elevate your online presence with rise virtually.   elevate your online presence with rise virtually.   

meet the team

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Phoenix is the dynamic co-founder of Rise Virtually, a leading marketing agency that specializes in social media management, content creation, website design, campaigns, advertising, graphic design, audio & video editing, and consulting.


With a degree in business, specializing in psychology & marketing, Phoenix possesses a unique blend of expertise that allows her to understand consumer behaviour and leverage effective marketing strategies.


Passionate about helping brands thrive, Phoenix established Rise Virtually to assist businesses in enhancing their digital marketing strategies and establishing a powerful online presence. Let her help you & your brand rise to the top!

Phoenix Wayland



Now operating under Rise Virtually Marketing Inc., Phoenix and Alexa have combined their unique skill sets and have joined forces to effectively and efficiently manage a wider range of services to simply, serve YOU better. 



let us help your brand rise to the top.

Alex, G.

A big thank you to Rise Virtually and their exceptional team for helping launch and grow my company's online brand! They provided comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process and developed a detailed marketing plan that has significantly expanded our online presence. Their support has been invaluable in propelling my business forward!

Brandy, Core Juice Co.

Alexa was amazing for my little business start up. She created the most beautiful website and posts which lead to non-stop comments on how beautiful my instagram feed is. I can't thank her enough for everything she has done for me.

Vanessa, K.

Rise Virtually Marketing Agency exceeded my expectations with their exceptional digital marketing services. Their strategic approach, attention to detail, and commitment to driving results have been instrumental in boosting my brand's online presence and success. Highly recommended!

David, The Athletes Podcast

As the founder and host of The Athletes Podcast, I've had the priviledge of interacting with a wide variety of athletes, professionals and entrepreneurs. Phoenix stands out among them. Phoenix's commitment to excellence, combined with an innovative approach, has helped set Rise Virtually apart in the virtual marketing space.

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